The physics department is one of the departments of the college existing right from 2005. The department offers an under graduate programme B.Sc,. Department has all through the years busily engaged itself in conducting several seminars for the benefit of students and faculty. The department is also giving counseling to motivate their students and overcome the difficulties faced by them during their course of studies. The Department of physics has a glorious history spanning a period of a decade and has been established as one of the earliest Departments under the Faculty of science. The Department is recognized for many significant contributions facilitating the students to understand easily the experimental as well as theoretical physics.

Physics Laboratory

Physics lab is well equipped with all the facilities, which a student needs throughout his/her academic year. Lab is left open throughout the college hours, thereby facilitating the students to access it anytime. In addition, there is internet facility, which can be made use of to the best possible extent by the students whenever they are in need to gain more knowledge. There is a facility for students for doing their projects in our laboratory. In the laboratory the students are instructed to learn the practical aspects and latest developments in the areas of optics, heat, electricity, acoustics, electronics and material science. A separate darkroom is available to conduct experiments in spectrometry and laser.