Chairman Message

As a stone, after being polished becomes a gem, similarly a man after getting education becomes a human being. Maharaja Engineering College is situated at the rural area in Avinashi, where education remained an unfulfilled dream for the most of the people here at that time. We the Paramasivam Palanisamy Charitable Trust, set out to make that dream a reality with the intention to bring to light, the inherent genius of the young minds. The trust is dedicated entirely to the growth and development of technical education and social upliftment. Shakespeare says, "Character is destiny". As the characters have an impact on the student's destiny, we not only impart quality education, but also mould the student's character.

All education programmers offered by the institute have been designed to offer distinct aspect of intellectual growth and development. All the facilities ensure the students to gain optimal advantage in terms of advanced technical knowledge and skills.

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