Department of Computer Science and Engineering


To transform the students into innovative, competent and high quality IT professionals to meet the growing global challenges, to create an atmosphere for students to acquire a respect for moral values, a sense of their duties as a responsible citizen. The department strives to ensure quality education as a leader in IT education by continuously improving academic inputs and education excellence.


Department of computer science and engineering has a good number of full-time  faculty members with best available exposure and skillset to ever-growing horizon of IT industry. It offers full time course for UG(B.E-CSE) and full time and Part time course for PG(M.E-CSE). The Department has already setup highly equipped laboratories for the benefits of students to have proper up gradation of knowledge in core IT areas.

Programming Laboratory

The Objective of the Programming lab is to make students learn and inculcate their programming knowledge in C,C++,Java etc., Students are trained to develop codes by themselves based on the tips provided by learned team of experienced faculty.

DBMS Laboratory

This lab enables students to create, organize and interact with databases. For this 60 personal computers with database software have been installed. The Application software includes Oracle 9i which works under windows.

CASE Tools Laboratory

This lab is fully furnished with IBM’s Rational rose and other software which make students to design the modeling and UML diagrams through which code can be generated which is so easy for programmers to code rather than doing it from the scratch. The lab has 60 systems equipped with Intel core 2 Duo processor.

OS & NETWORK Laboratory

The lab is well equipped with facilities to train students learn about network configuration and management , client server applications and clear understanding of system driving programs.


This lab facilitates students to learn and develop two dimensional transformation and three dimensional like translation, rotation, reflection and scaling using Turbo c.


This lab facilitates students to learn and understand the relationship between system software and machine architecture and the design and implementation of assemblers, linkers, loaders and macro processors.

The lab has 60 systems equipped with Intel core 2 Duo processor.

OPEN SOURCE Laboratory

This lab facilitates students to learn and install various open source software. This lab is handled with application soft ware’s like APACHE TOMCAT, PYTHON, PERL and MYSQL.

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