Electronics and Communication Engineering


The ECE department has consistently served as the genesis of engineers of distinguished caliber. The Department lays special emphasis on fundamental concepts and up-to-date techniques both in theoretical and practical work to prepare the students in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department imparts enough practical knowledge to the students, enabling them to undertake challenges when they are placed in corporate sectors. The department has conducted various co-curricular short term training programs to equip the students with the industrial needs.


Microwave and Optical lab

In this microwave and optical lab, characteristics of klystron power supplies, Gunn diode oscillator, radiation pattern measurement and characteristics of LED, LASER, data communication through Optical cable can be studied.

Major equipments

Klystron power supply, klystron tube with mount, Gunn power supply, Gunn oscillator, Gunn PIN Modulator, Frquency meter, VSWR Meter, Twist 90o

Optical Fiber Trainer, FOPS101 Light Source, FOPM101 power Meter, Optical Fiber system set.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

In this Lab, digital signal processing concept based experiments can be performed by using various DSP processor kits.

Major equipments

Micro50EB Trainer Kit, DSP50EB kit, TMS320C54XX, TMS320C5416, TMS320C6711, AD-12n ADC Interface, Digital Logic/IC Trainer Kit, Matlab7.0

Network Lab

To study the performance of different protocols, network and verification of different algorithms through simulation.

Major equipments

TETCOS MODEL LT01 LAN Trainer kit with L1-soft operating Software

NETSIM Networking simulation Software

Electronics system Design Lab

To design and implement the various analog and digital circuits can be performed.

Major equipments

High current Linear variable DC Power supply, Process control Timer, AM Transceiver,FM Transceiver, Wireless Data Modam,Instrumentation Amplifier,30MHZ CRO,TMS320VC33 based trainer Kit.

Electronics and Integrated circuits lab

To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various basic engineering practices in Electronics components and devices. All analog and digital I.C related experiments can be carried out.

Major equipments

Digital Trainer kit, Regulated Power supply,IC Tester, DRB, DCB, DIB, Digital multimeter, Ammeters, Voltmeter ,CRO and Function generator.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits and interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors and microcontroller.

Major equipments

Microprocessors and Microcontroller kits, Interfacing Modules.

Communication Lab

The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation and measurement of different antenna radiation pattern can be studied.

Major equipments

Scientech Motel-8010TG, 1GHZ Spectrum Analyzer, RF Circuit Trainers, RF signal source and detector, Antenna Trainer kit, Fiber optic kit, AM /FM signal generator, Pulse code modulation & Demodulation kit, Digital LCR Q Meter.


In VLSI Lab, Simulation of combinational logic circuits and sequential circuits, Test bench creation, functional verification, and concepts of concurrent and sequential execution is highlighted.

Major equipments

Xilinx12.1, OrCAD16.2, Mentor Graphics, Matlab7.0, 80196 Evaluation Kit, IAR work Bench, Universal FPGA/CPLD kit, XC4VS25PIGGBAG Board, Embedded kit


  • B.E. - Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.E. - Applied Electronics
  • M.E. - VLSI Design

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