Electrical And Electronics Engineering


Aim to produce quality engineer to meet the recent trends in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It has a swiftly advancing field with new ideas in engineering every moment. Electronics is currently found in many applications in all ranges. Students pursuing EEE have a full and flexible under graduate curriculam. Numerous streams can be tailored to fit each individual’s interests, skills and carrer goals. Enriching the knowledge by the academic activities and by continual improvement in teaching- learning process and developing confidence in minds of students to develop as entrepreneurs.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering is Industry and Domestic oriented. The modern trend is to control and maintain all the industrial parameters thro’ Electronic devices.

Electrical Machines-I & II Laboratory

The Electrical Machines-I & II Lab has different types of motor and generator like DC generator, DC Motor, DC compound Motor, coupled motor and generator, synchronous motor, single and three phase induction motor, Alternator, rectifier unit, different types of load, individual  table supply  for both AC and DC.

Power Electronics Laboratory

This lab consists of different equipments such as single and three phase converter, cyclo-converter, chopper circuit, firing circuit, SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC, IGBT characteristics module, resonant converter.

Measurements And Instrumentation Laboratory

In this lab it has different types of bridges like AC and DC, Transducer, thermocouple, muffle furnace, industrial bridges, synchro transmitter and Receiver, ADC and DAC stand alone module and converter.

Control System Laboratory

This lab consists of well equipped kits like Proportional, Proportional + Integral, Proportional + Derivative, D.C and A.C position control system, AC and DC servo motor, process control simulator , MATLAB Package.

Electric Drives and control Laboratory

This lab has control of motor by different controller like FPGA controller, micro controller, PLC controller, three phase converter.

Engineering Practice Laboratory

This lab having range finder, LCR meter, different types of lamp load, different types of measuring equipments.

Electric Circuits Laboratory

This lab consists of function generator, different range of regulated power supplies, dual trace and power scope, different range of resistors and capacitors.

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