Department of Mechatronics Engineering


To develop the students with best teaching experts supported by excellent laboratory infrastructure and excel with the recent trends in the industry, to ensure that students are moulded into perfect Mechatronics engineers and worthy citizens of the country. The completion of course in Mechatronics department equips the students with an awareness of various automation techniques and robotics that are the heart of any successful industry.


Mechatronics Engineering is Automation industry oriented. The modern trend is to control and maintain all the industrial parameters through automation and various technologies.


The CNC Lab is provided with machines like Turning and vertical machining center for the analysis of manufacturing of various components for the industrial application oriented manner.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab

The Hydraulics and Pneumatics lab is equipped with hydraulic kits for pressure testing ,flow control and rotation reversal etc., The lab is also equipped with PLC controlled hydraulic circuit kits and Automation studio installed in computers for simulating hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits. Pneumatic components like all types of valves are available from leading valve manufacturers like FESTO and JANATICS.

Mechatronics Lab

The Mechatronics lab is equipped with the various process flow stations, electro-pneumatic trainer kit, speed measurement and controlling of DC motor and PLC control.

Robotics Lab

The Robotics lab has VA6E Articulated Robot made from ARISTO. The students are trained in robot for various experiments and virtual reality software is installed in computers for the simulation and study of various tasks.


The PLC lab has FANUC type PLC trainer with simulator kit and its associated software installed in system to learn eight real time applications. A relay testing PLC module kit and an electro pneumatic control trainer with PLC are provided for doing Pneumatic experiments. A separate SIEMENS make PLC trainer kit equipped to enhance especially for students who undergoes fabrication projects.

Metrology Lab

This Lab is equipped with various measuring instruments like autocollimator, tool maker microscope etc., under fully air conditioned place with sophisticated granite surface tables for doing the experiments.

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