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Courses offered

B.E (Civil Engineering) - 120 Seats


  • Civil engineering is the one of the most traditional engineering studies in India and civil engineering considered as a single largest branch among all the engineering branches. The Civil Engineering discipline was started in the academic year 2011-2012 and is currently offering B.E. Programme in Civil Engineering with an intake of 120 seats.
  • The professional deals with planning,designing,constructing and maintaining of  public works likes roads ,bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water woks, sewage and sanitary system etc.,
  • The Department is supported by teaching and non-teaching staff of rich and varied experience. All laboratories in the Department are well furnished with the state-of-art equipments and software’s. The Department is offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities and gives innovative, creative ideas in field of civil engineering.


  • To impart technical education to produce competitive and smart engineers. To inculcate high sense of discipline, combined with education to make the students as persons with right combination of academic excellence and personality to develop the infrastructure,
  • Our Department is committed to provide our students the latest learning techniques and modern materials-knowledge in all sectors to make them globally recognizable Civil Engineers.


  • To inculcate knowledge through laboratory and field study, apart from effective teaching-learning process. To provide opportunities for development of knowledge, soft skills & professional abilities to the faculty members & students.
  • To synergize the efforts of both students and staff to meet the ever-growing construction-needs of the industry. To encourage the students to undertake research and consultancy works .To provide the youth with the best opportunities



  • Facilities are available to determine the PH, Turbidity, Chlorides, Sulphates, DO,BOD,COD, Acidity, Alkalinity, Hardness, Total solids, Suspended solids, Settelable Solids(SS),Volatile Solids (VS), Available chlorine in bleaching powder and Microbial Colony count.
  • Apparatus available includes Digital BOD incubator, COD apparatus, Digital Calorimeter, Nephelo-turbidity meter, Digital PH meter, Hot air oven, Jar test apparatus, Heating mantles, Magnetic stirrer, Kjeldhal apparatus, Chlorine comparator etc.,
  • Facilities are available to measure distance, area, level, angle accurately.


  • Equipments available includes Total station , GPS ,Theodolite ,Auto level, Dumpy level, Plane table, chain, Prismatic Compass, Surveyor’s, Substance Bar ,Tape, Leveling staff, Ranging rod, Cross Staff, Arrows, Plump bob, Survey umbrella, Pocket Stereoscope etc.,


  • Facilities are available to determine the shear strength, CBR ,particle size, field density, permeability, consolidation parameters, compaction parameters of soil and classify the soil.
  • Apparatus available are namely Electronic Triaxial compression apparatus, direct shear apparatus, unconfined compression, compression apparatus, CBR apparatus,sieve shaker, IS sieve sets, Hydrometer , sand pouring cylinder , core cutter , universal permeability apparatus Electronic three hang consolidation apparatus, proctor compaction , liquid limit apparatus, plastic limit, shrinkage limit apparatus, Hot air oven, Soil extruder etc.,


  • Facilities are available to test the construction the materials, namely cement, sand, coarse aggregate, mortar, concrete, steel bricks, tiles bitumen, and etc.
  • Equipments are available to determine the compressive strength, Impact strength, flexural strength, Workability, consistency, fines, abrasion, ductility, and viscosity
  • Apparatus available include Aggregate impact testing machine, Los Angels abrasion testing machine, Flexural testing machine, Bitumen Ductility testing machine, Standard Tar viscometer, Vicat needle apparatus , compacting factor apparatus , Le- chatlier’s Bath, Flow table, Vee – Bee Consistometer , Slump cone apparatus , concrete moulds (cube, cylinder and prism) , Thickness and length gauge , Vibrating table , Universal Penetrometer, concrete mixer machine and etc.,


  • The lab is primarily intended for the students to enrich them with the CAD Software which is established at an area of 250 sq. m.
  • The lab was well furnished with 61 Desktop computers of 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, and 160 GB Hard disk Capacity and also armed with Windows xp Professional service pack3, MS Office 2007 and Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • All systems are connected with Local Area Network with 1 GB per second speed and the lab is connected with a separate Blade type server.
  • In our sophisticated lab we have Canon Printers.
  • Drafting and modeling software includes 60 user licenses for Think 3 Design;10 user for AUTO CAD 2010


The verification of the principles and theories in an experimental way is carried in this laboratory. It includes the study of pressure due to fluids, efficiency at outlet and working of Turbines.


The experimental work involved in this laboratory makes the student understand the fundamental modes of loading of the structures and also make measurements of loads, displacements and strains. Relating these quantities, the student obtains the strength of the material and stiffness properties of structural elements.

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