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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers 4-year B.E. programmes, in Computer Science. Additionally it offers M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering. The department of CSE was established in 2002. The Department aims at providing high quality training to students through the latest in computer technology. In order to maintain the standard of education, the Department constantly upgrades the academic syllabi so as to keep the students well trained to deal with changing trends in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

At the undergraduate level, the Department lays emphasis on Software engineering, Design and Analysis of algorithm and Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, database and information systems engineering, as well as on networking technologies, wired, optical fiber, etc. The Department provides exposure to emerging technologies as well as futuristic technologies like Grid and Cloud computing. Computer Science & Engineering is a discipline that combines both electronic engineering and computer science. Our faculty and students work together in an environment that fosters teamwork and leadership as well as a caring attitude toward our students


The Computer Science Department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer science and engineering through comprehensive educational programs. We will prepare our students for successful careers in the computing professions through flexible programs of study that can be adapted to support individual career goals and government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and service to professional societies, the community, the state, and the nation.


Provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers and give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing and challenging global work environment of the 21st century.

Courses Offered

Under Graduate

B.E (Computer Science and Engineering) - 120 seats

Post Graduate

M.E (Computer Science and Engineering) - 18 seats

M.E (Computer Science and Engineering (with specialization in Networks)) - 18 seats

Lab Facilities

Computer Practice Lab

Computer Practice lab aims at providing the basics of computer knowledge from the scratch that includes application programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also concentrates on the Program development in C language along with the algorithm and flowchart. Also an overall study and implementation of Unix commands and programming techniques were explored in this laboratory. This laboratory acts as a base for both the computer literates and computer illiterates from the school levels.

Data Structures Lab

Data Structures lab aims at providing the concepts of various organizing techniques of data’s so that the student can infer the pros and cons of each technique depending upon the application. For UG level the implementation is done using the C Language and at PG level it is done using the Object Oriented languages.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

Object Oriented Programming Lab aims at providing the concepts of oops like Abstraction Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism etc. These concepts act as the pillar for developing the current IT industry needs. Efficient usage of time and space complexity needs is addressed with the help of this laboratory.

DataBase Management System lab

DataBase Management System lab demands the need for efficient storage of data’s as they matter in today’s world of bulky usage. The DBMS course starts from developing a simple query to notification and security level issues that involve views trigger events and reports. Also students are encouraged to do a mini project with the help of Visual basic and MS access on their own that tunes out them in finding various procedures that suits the need of the application.

Operating System Lab

Operating System Lab aims at providing the in-depth knowledge about process their scheduling concepts, threads, memory management techniques, file operations and organization methods, I/O techniques, RAID concepts. It also focuses on Linux operating system concepts which focus the students towards future working environment and open source concepts.

Java Programming Lab

Java Programming Lab focuses on developing the students coding part with the help of java’s core techniques that extends to work on frontend tools like swings and AWT. Also the code reusability is employed using various inheritance techniques and interfaces. File handling techniques along with JDBC database connectivity is also provided that imparts the students to handle a mini project.

Software Engineering Lab

Software Engineering Lab provides space for students in solving simple problems using CASE tools for Planning, cost estimation, Modeling the requirements and configuration management. The lab curriculum involves working on various application programs in real-time that makes students to correlate their technical world along with the real world. Rational Rose along with VB6 is used in developing these application programs.

Computer Networks Lab

Computer Networks Lab involves students in developing their hardware knowledge and to relate their devices and connectivity. It involves in exploring the network topologies, socket programming various transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP, SMTP and FTP. The students can infer a good knowledge about various congestion control algorithms and internet protocols like IPV4 and IPV6. All the programs were implemented in Java that also kindles their programming skills.

Open Source Lab

Open Source Lab places the students in an open environment world. The course starts from the MySQL, Apache installation procedures in Linux to the various open source languages like Python, Perl Script and CGI. Also it provides a tour on Network simulator(NS2) installation and simple tcl scripts.

Object Oriented Systems Lab (or) Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab allows students in Solving Simple problems using CASE tools for design, testing with structure analysis and design method and object oriented analysis and design methods. Rational Rose along with VB6 is employed for the laboratorial work. It also involves the base for the project work, which is developing the SRS document.

Computer Graphics Lab

Computer Graphics Lab introduces the students in to the graphic world. The process of drawing geometrical shapes 2D and 3D transformations techniques, clipping and windowing techniques . The implementation is done with the help of C language.

Compiler Design Lab

Compiler Design Lab allows students to construct regular expressions and languages using NFA and DFA. It also concentrates on construction of lexical analyzers, symbol table, syntax analyzers, parsing tables and code optimization techniques.

Internet Programming Lab

Internet Programming Lab focuses on web designing techniques that makes students to innovate their designing skills using DHTML, Java Script, servlet and construction of instant messenger. In future PHP and .Net tools are planned to taught to meet the future technical needs.

System Software lab

System Software lab allows the students to implement symbol table, assemblers, macro processors, loaders and text editors. The implementation is done using the C language. This lab completely focuses on the system oriented programs.

Web Technology Lab

Web Technology Lab is a part of PG course that employs the students to develop web application programs using, Java Script, JQuery, PHP and Perl. Innovative websites can be designed with the help of these tools that is needed by the world in promoting their businesses and research projects.

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