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About the Department

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in 2002 with an intake of 60 students. In the year 2012, an additional intake of 60 was sanctioned. Since then its excellence in each and every aspects has played an important role in the institute. Presently the department is offering B.E in Electrical and Electronics. The department is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. Electrical Engineering Department has been actively involved in research and consultancy in all the fields of Electrical Engineering. The Department has well equipped laboratories and research facilities. It is constantly modernizing the laboratory facilities with latest technology and research know-how.


  • To make the students aware of the impact of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the global industries scenario and the challenges of Electrical based industries and organizations.
  • To equip the students to prepare themselves to meet the demands of the growing industries and to become exemplary professionals of high standard in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • To mould them as successful entrepreneurs contributing to nation’s economic growth.

Objective of Department

To develop the department as a center of excellence to take care of the local and regional needs related to electrical engineering activity.

  • To meet acute needs have trained specialists in the diverse field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  • To encourage Students and Faculty to undertake research Programmers and projects of multi-disciplinary characters.
  • To start more number of Master degrees in different specialization.
  • To conduct summer and winder schools for faculty members and short-term course for technicians

Courses Offered

Under Graduate Programme

B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) - 120 Seats

Post Graduate Programme

M.E (Power Systems Engineering) - 18 seats

Lab Infrastructure

The department has spacious laboratories such as DC Machines lab, AC Machines Lab, Electric Circuits and Devices Lab, Measurement and Instrumentation Lab, Control System Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Computer & Simulation Lab and Electrical Workshop. All the laboratories are fully equipped with latest, modern and sophisticated equipments. The Department has various Laboratories and the investment done on equipment so for is around Rs.50 Lakhs.


The Department has eight well-equipped laboratories:

1.A.C and D.C Machines laboratory
2.Power Electronics laboratory
3.Control Systems laboratory
4.Measurements and Instrumentation laboratory
5.Electric Circuits laboratory
6.Electronic circuits laboratory
7.Electrical Workshop laboratory
8.Simulation laboratory

A.C and D.C Machines laboratory

All types of DC Machines, single phase and three phase squirrel cage and slip ring induction motors, single-phase and three phase transformers, suitable starters and loading arrangements for machines, measuring instruments of all types needed for the laboratory experiments and also sub-standard meters meant for calibration. The Electrical Machines Laboratory is utilized by all branches of students for lab work and project work. All these facilities are used by the teachers for research and development work.The major equipments in DC and AC Machines laboratoryareDC Shunt Motor,DC Series Motor, AC Induction machine,Squirrelcage,inductionmachine,etc.,

Power Electronics laboratory

It is to expose the students to the techniques of designing and building power electronics circuits. Our laboratory fully equipped with advanced Power electronic circuits and modules like three phase IGPT based inverter, DC-DC converter, MOSFET Chopper. The nature of power electronic circuits requires that the laboratory course be handled in a way different from the conventional laboratory approach. This lab is used to conduct experiments in the domain of digital electronics. This lab is self sufficient in all respects. Each standard setup in the lab consists of basic and advanced trainer kits, oscilloscope and function generators.

Control Systems Laboratory

The laboratory established with Control systems instruments like Tachometer, Stepper Motor control, AC and DC position control which provides in-depth training to the students. This lab is general enough to hold a number of experiments suitable for giving students enough exposure to enable them to easily adopt experiments in more advanced laboratories in the department.

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory

The laboratory established with testing and measuring instruments like DMMs, Tachometer, Bridge circuits, ADC and DAC Converters, Pressure and Angular Measurement Trainers which provides in-depth training to the students. This lab is general enough to hold a number of experiments suitable for giving students enough exposure to enable them to easily adopt experiments in more advanced laboratories in the department.

Simulation laboratory

The power system laboratory includes models of power plant generators, transformers, distribution networks and a transmission network with relay equipment, which has been used both in student projects and for research. The laboratory established with Computer Aided drawings, simulations and Analyzing of Power systems are done by high end computers and latest software like MIPOWER and Matlab.


The department of EEE has well established group of faculties. The staffs are well experienced, highly qualified and very active. The staffs are from various disciplines in masters like Energy engineering, Power electronics and drives, Power system, Embedded Technology. Many of the staff members are encouraged to pursue their higher studies and research works.

Departmental Library

The EEE departmental library provides local & easy access to Reference books, Journals, Project Reports and internet resources to the faculty and students. The department has a library with more than thousand documents consisting of technical books, reports.

Association Activities

The Student Association organizes various activities that include workshops, association meeting on emerging trends in Electrical Engineering. workshops on various areas of Electrical Engineering for the benefit of various faculty / researchers and is attended by people all over the country. Every year the department of EEE conducting a national level technical symposium in the name of xotica. Coming academic year it is planned to conduct International level conference.

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