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Department of Information Technology


The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2006. The department offers a 4-year B.Tech., Degree programme in Information Technology, with an annual intake of 60 students. With specific emphasis on emerging technologies and empirical mode of learning, the programme ensures that the student effectively meets the highest benchmarks of competence required by the industry. Information Technology is a fast growing technology and is being applied in almost all fields of activities. IT department functions with well qualified and experienced faculty and students are encouraged to participate in seminars symposiums and extracurricular activities like paper presentation, In Plant training, and cultural activities in-house as well as other institutions. We have well equipped lab facilities to enhance the programming knowledge and we have experienced faculties with in-depth subject knowledge to guide our students in research levels.


The vision is to develop quality engineers to meet the current trends in the emerging world of IT. It is not based on an individual intelligence, but on the interacting intelligence of many.


To equip students with latest skills in the field of technologies supplemented with Practical Orientation to face challenges of modern computing industry.Produce graduates who are exceptionally competent engineers whose work is notable for its breadth and its technical excellence.

Courses offered

B.Tech. (Information Technology)- 60 Seats.

The Department of Information Technology has the following Laboratories with necessary Hardware and Softwares

Computer Practices Lab I

This lab enables the student to know about fundamentals in computer programming such as word processing, spreadsheet and simple C programming.

Computer Practices Lab II

This lab gives an enriched knowledge about Shell Programming and UNIX commands.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

Application program using overloading, inheritance & templates concept are implemented.

Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

To develop Programming skills in data structures and their applications like implementation of linked list, doubly linked list, polynomial addition, stack, queue, tree and hashing.

Operating systems Lab

Students implement CPU utilization algorithm, programming memory allocation & de-allocation, screen saver, system calls & interrupt handling.

Database Management Systems Lab

The Database operations like database design creation at structure log file and control file, DML and DCL commands are performed using Oracle.

Network Lab

To provide an exposure to the students with hands on experience on various simulator tools like OPNET,NS2 and build applications using TCP sockets, UDP Sockets , Raw sockets and to implement Remote procedure call.

System Software Lab

One/two pass assembler, absolute loader, relocating loader, linker and a simple text editor with features like insertion / deletion of a character, word, and sentence are implemented.

Java Lab

Application program using Multithreading, Java applets and JDBC concepts are implemented.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab

To make the students to study of using Functions, Compile & Run Time Polymorphism, File Handling, Exception Handling Mechanism Using C++, Simple Classes Using Member Functions and Constructors.

Web Technology Lab

Enable the student to develop static web pages in HTML and Dynamic web pages in JSP   on Tomcat Apache Server and ASP on IIS server.

Computer Graphics Lab

Students perform the image & pixel level execution and implement different      algorithms for handling the graphics application.

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