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About the Department

The Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a three year program and was established in the year 2006 with a sanctioned student intake of 60. The program is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The MCA course is designed to make software professionals in the field of Information Technology with a blend of Management techniques keeping emphasis on application with sound theoretical knowledge.

The students are trained to have a sound foundation in the fundamentals of computer technology, a high level of practical skill in the use of that technology and at the same time, be sensitive to the issues prevailing in the society. The students are trained in many subjects including Software Engineering, Object Oriented Technology, Distributed Databases, Mobile Computing and Data Mining concepts.

This post graduate course focuses on both theoretical and practical application of computer technology in enabling the students to be knowledgeable in programming, analytical ability, Networking, Multimedia communication methods, Web Technologies, Data Mining concepts etc.,

The department takes its own pride and privilege in exposing the students to the future of IT industries. Well established labs with all recent technologies, lead the students to endeavor themselves. Various technical activities and personality development programs have been conducted for the betterment of the students.


Committed for better students, rich in values and excellence, with a promising future and to be a pioneering institution in the field of education & technology to bring a new level of inspiration among the students.


The MCA program aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice and to develop the ability among students to plan analyze, design, code, test, implement & maintain a software product. The core objective this course is to:

  • Equip the students with the latest computer hardware and software technologies.
  • To provide plenty of opportunities towards competing the global information technologies challenges.

Courses offered

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - 60 Seats

Lab Facilities

The Department of MCA has the following Laboratories with necessary hardware and softwares:


  • To study the grammar of ‘C’ language.
  • Development of various programs using loop statements, jump statement, functions, string , arrays, structure, file handling etc.
  • Data structure like linked list, stack, queue, tree, graph can be implemented using ‘C’
  • Further this programming skill can be used in the development of application as well as system software.


  • Various operations and programming languages are used in the implementation of data structures.
  • The quality and performance of large systems heavily depend on the data structures used.
  • Various building blocks of programming languages like arrays, trees, records etc can be easily understand using data structure lab.
  • To implement various interfaces between functions and to access storage of data in a structured manner.
  • Students learn the concept of data organization.


  • To map the real world in programming form.
  • To implement the concepts of object oriented programming like encapsulation, data abstraction inheritance, polymorphism and streams.
  • To study Generic programming using Templates.
  • To control run time errors using Exception handling.


  • To create a web document.
  • To study hypertext markup language, specialized commands and tags for WWW documents that allow one to specify hyperlinks ,lists ,paragraph and attributes.
  • To design web pages for applications such as railway ticket reservation, hotel management etc.


  • Use of structured query language (SQL) as a data definition language, data manipulation language & data control language.
  • To create views, scripts, triggers and transactions.
  • Implementation of security and permissions in SQL server.
  • Design entity relationship models for business problem & develop a normalized database structure.


  • To design graphical user interface programming.
  • To implement database connectivity using OLEDB ADO(ActiveX Data objects)
  • To develop application programs such as online exam, telephone bill generation, super market etc.
  • To create and use ActiveX controls


  • Process Management in UNIX.
  • To learn communication between processes and terminals.
  • Basic and advanced shell programming which is the most important feature of Unix.
  • Handling GUI of UNIX Operating system.
  • Handling VI editor.
  • To study the basics of System Administration of a UNIX system.


  • This lab used to form two dimensional and three dimensional images.
  • It provides algorithms for line and circle drawing.
  • Clipping of Images can be done.
  • To perform operations such as rotation and scaling .
  • To study the basic concepts of animation.


  • To understand the concepts used extensively in object oriented programming.
  • To study unique features of JAVA such as packages and interfaces.
  • To create and implement applets and servlets.
  • To illustrate the use of advanced concepts like multithreading and graphics.
  • It covers exception handling
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