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Department of Science and Humanities comprises of the faculty of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Faculty members of the department have rich academic experience in respective areas.

The Unique strength of the department is the excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities. It caters to the needs of the society and carves the younger generation into good citizens, leading the budding engineers in path of success. The department has separate block which includes state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced library facilities.

The Department of Science & Humanities supports the engineering departments by providing in-depth knowledge in basic sciences which forms the backbone for all engineering disciplines and also in enhancing the communication and soft skills of the students.

Our Vision

The Department of Sciences & Humanities enables students to become creative sophisticated, active and effective persons in the global community . In doing so, it provides learning experiences besides to their intrinsic value and enriches them with scientific and technical education. Upon completion of our program, our students will be prepared to sustain and advance their communities and the world.


The main object of the department is to impart basic concepts of science, develop the communication skills of the students, and establish the department as a Research Centre. In the next few years its aim is to strengthen the uniquely interdisciplinary nature of the department. This is likely to be of utmost importance in a rapidly changing world where the nature of knowledge has been transformed almost beyond recognition.


It offers Technical English courses for first year students and Communication lab for third year students. The objective of the English course is to focus on the LSRW skills, i.e., the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing abilities of students so as to create communication skills that are cohesive and effective. The students are trained to fine tune the various aspects of their personality in order to face the challenges and growing demands of the corporate sector. An Interactive Language Laboratory is being set up to help the students to hone their communication skills.


It forms foundation for any Engineering discipline. This department not only provides basic education but also help students to understand the significance of application and logical thinking. The faculty is highly qualified. The faculty of Engineering Mathematics includes some of the vibrant minds and they help students develop a passion for numbers and logic. The Faculty members provide special attention and extra coaching to those who require it. Besides teaching Mathematics in the academic programs, the department is active in encouraging the students to take part in quizzes, paper presentations, math-model competitions to name a few and are also involved in organizing quizzes, workshops.


The department is involved in teaching the Engineering Physics Theory and Laboratory courses to the students of different Engineering disciplines. The faculty members of the department are also actively participating in interdisciplinary courses. The physics laboratory is quite spacious, well equipped and provides excellent academic ambience for work. The faculty members are well qualified, experienced and actively involved in research work for pursuing Ph.D. To impart quality education the Department renovates its teaching style to suit the needs of the students as well as to the changing scenario. It encourages I year students to actively take part in paper presentation contests and scientific innovative works. The department aims at channelizing the basic science ideas of students towards the hardcore engineering subjects.


The department of chemistry is dedicated to help the budding engineer to understand the theory and practice of chemistry and train them in the relevant practical and research skills for the application in their chosen specialization, while supporting the professional and scholarly development of its faculty. The department has excellent facilities and has qualified, dedicated staff involved in research work. The faculty members of the department are actively participating also in interdisciplinary courses. In the laboratory there is seating arrangement for all the students during sessions of instructions and demonstrations. The lab is fully equipped with necessary glassware and other equipment required for all the instrumental analysis experiments prescribed in the course. There is a good stock of chemicals, which is being replenished from time to time.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry lab has, Digital conductivity meter, Digital potentiometer and Flame photometer, PH meter, spectrophotometer, Incubator, Refrigerator, Oven to offered effective solutions to the industries through research and eco friendly solutions and to carryout fundamental and applied research in electrochemistry and water treatment.

To impact knowledge is the basic aim of education. The students are excepted acquire the knowledge of nature and environment.



1. Estimation of hardness of water by EDTA
2. Estimation of copper in brass by EDTA
3. Determination of DO in water (Winkler’s method)
4. Estimation of chloride in water sample (Argentometric method)
5. Estimation of alkalinity in water sample
6. Determination of molecular weight and degree of polymerization using viscometry.


7. Conductometric titration (simple acid base)
8. Conductometric titration (mixture of weak and strong acid)
9. Conductometric titration using BaCl2 Vs Na2SO4
10. Potentiometric titration (Fe2+ /KMnO4 or K2Cr2O7)
11. PH titration (acid and base)
12. Determination of water of a crystallization of a crystalline salt(Copper sulphate).
13. Estimation of ferric ion by spectrophotometry.

Physics Laboratory

The department has a well-established laboratory has the basic equipments like, Vernier caliper,screw gauge and well equipped with sophisticated instruments like, Ultrasonic interferometer, Band gap determination kit, Fiber optic kit, Viscosity determination poiseille’s arrangement , Particle size, angle of divergence determination Diode Laser source, Wavelength determination Spectrometer set up,Lee’s Disc apparatus and Air wedge arrangement.




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